The Assignment:
This game was made as a promotional product for the street cleaning vehicles made by the company Ravo ( The only guidelines they gave us were that it had to be a sort of race game where you had to drive around with a Ravo cleaning car, and that we were free to fill in the rest of the game. They gave us 2 deadlines, the first one was after 2 months. At the first deadline they needed a working game with one level that they could bring with them to a convention (pictures below this article). The second deadline was about 3 months later when the complete game had to be finished so the company could send the complete game to all the people that visited them at the convention. We had to work pretty hard, but both deadlines were achieved by our group. Both the company, school and ourselves were pretty happy with and proud of the game.

The objective of the game is to clean the city as good as possible within the time limit and to score as much points as possible by picking up certain kinds of trash. There are 3 kinds of different sorts of trash, each gives a different amount of points. With the help of different upgrade that are scattered through the city they player should be able to get an even higher score.

Download the game at:

The creators:

  • Conceptart:  Remco Wiersema, Ruben van der Zee, Karel Kiers, Gerard Lolkema
  • Logo: Ruben van der Zee
  • Vehicles: Ruben van der Zee, Remco Wiersema
  • Buildings: Ruben van der Zee, Remco Wiersema, Gerard Lolkema
  • Props: Ruben van der Zee, Remco Wiersema
  • Level Design: Remco Wiersema (Level 1), Gerard Lolkema (Level 1), Ruben van der Zee (Level 2), Remi van Loenen (Level 2)
  • Texturing: Ruben van der Zee, Gerard Lolkema, Remco Wiersema
  • Hud Design: Ruben van der Zee, Rando Wiltschek, Gerard Lolkema
  • Menu Design: Ruben van der Zee, Gerard Lolkema
  • Website: Ruben van der Zee
  • Audio: Remi van Loenen, Ruben van der Zee, Remco Wiersema
  • Programming: Rando Wiltschek


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