Elemental Defense was a Communication and Multimedia Design (CMD) graduation project started by me (Ruben van der Zee), which I came up with during my internship at Triangle Studios. I only wanted to do the graphics and gamedesign/ management for the game so because of this I needed a programmer for this project. During my internship I met Erwin Terpstra who was a Programming intern. I asked him if he was interested to help me with this project, and he accepted. During the project we realized we needed a sound artist. Trough some connections we met Pascal van der Werf who was extremely enthusiastic about the project and immediately joined the team.

Elemental Defense is a game inspired by the many different tower defense games out there, but has as a twist that the levels are also interactive. This is an aspect that you don’t see very often with tower defense games. For more info about tower defense games I want to refer you to the tower defense wiki.

We worked on Elemental Defense for almost 6 months, From February 2010 to July 2010. We planned on working on the game for 5 months straight, but we came across a lot of problems because of school (for example we had to wait on a usable iMac an extreme long time). Because if this the project got delayed a lot.


The Team:


Ruben van der Zee:

  • Management
  • Game Design
  • 3D Graphics
  • 2D Graphics

Erwin Terpstra:

  • Programming
  • Game Design

Pascal van der Werf:

  • Composing & producing music


More info about this project can be found on the Elemental Defense site: www.rubenz87.nl/elementaldefense

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